Who are we?

The Norwegian Association For Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) is a association for both children and adults and was started on the 15th of September 1989. At the present time we have 36 members of HPN spread across Norway and where the ages of our members range from 4 – 80 yrs old. The abbreviation for our association is NIFO.

Everybody that needs HPN, their famlies, doctors, pharmasists and other health personnel that is interested in HPN are welcome to be a member of our association.

What do we want?

NIFO wants to take care of our members on HPN by:

  • Informing and spreading information of our association to the public and goverment.
  • keeping our members updated on research and development.
  • helping our members with in the social services.

What do we do?

Each year in the beginning of august, NIFO arranges a summer gathering where our members and their famlies are invited to come and stay at a hotell somewhere in Norway. Summer gathering starts wednesday evening and ends on sunday. Through out these 4 days we have a lot of social activities where our members can get together and discuse the issues that interest them on HPN. We have also a couple of meetings during these days where we invite doctors, pharmasists, psychologists, social workers and others to come and talk with us. Here the members can ask and get information on the issues they are interested in.

NIFO gives also out a little newspaper called NIFO nytt and comes out three times a year. NIFO nytt contains pictures and reports from summer gatherings, reports on research and development and portraits of members just to name some things.

Other information:

This is just some information for our foreigian vistors. If you would like to see some pictures from our summer gatherings, just follow the link under. The page is in Norweigian and our summer gatherings the last few years have been in the city of Trondheim, Kristiansand, Kristiansund and Tromsø.

If you are visiting Norway in the future and need information or help on a HPN issue, just contact me by email.

With regards

John R. McDonald

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